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Bankia SA (Bankia) is a Spain-based financial institution principally engaged in the banking sector. Bankia represents a universal banking business model based on multi-brand and multi-channel management, offering its products and services to various customer segments, such as individuals, small and medium enterprises, large corporations, as well as public and private institutions. The Company’s business is structured into seven areas: Retail Banking, Business Banking, Private Banking, Asset Management and Bancassurance, Capital Markets and Holdings. Bankia is a parent company of Grupo Bankia, a group which as of March 31, 2011, comprised 178 controlled entities, such as Bancaja Emisiones SAU, Caja Madrid Cibeles SA, Caja Segovia Operador de Banca Seguros SA and Corporacion Empresarial Caja Rioja SAU, among others. In addition, the Company's majority shareholder is Banco Financiero y de Ahorros SA.
C/ Monte Esquinza, 48
Madrid, MAD 28010
+34-313-915380 (Phone)
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28.02.2013 BFA-Bankia completes clean-up plan, after recording provisions totalling 26,845 million euros in 2012

Bankia posts profit of 295 million euros, improving efficiency and increasing net interest income
The results reflect the benefits and synergies of the integration, which is progressing faster than expected 
Following its IPO, Bankia is one of the most highly capitalised banks in the sector, with core capital of 9.8% 
Bankia’s shareholder base has increased by 24,000 to 371,000. 

28-10-2011. In the first nine months of the year Bankia made attributable profit of 295 million euros, of which €90 million were generated during the third quarter. 
Highlights of the quarter include an increase in net interest income and a significant improvement in efficiency, with cost savings and synergies from the integration becoming increasingly visible. 

Net interest income was 1,981 million euros, of which 712 million were recorded in the last three months, up 12% compared with the previous quarter, when the figure was 634 million. 

This positive result includes the gradual repricing of the loan portfolio, reinforced by an increase in spreads. 
Net fee and commission income totalled 807 million euros, with a third-quarter contribution of 235 million. Trading income and exchange differences totalled 296 million euros, despite lower business levels and high market volatility. 

The gross margin rose to 3,122 million euros, of which 1,037 million was generated in the last quarter, a figure similar to that of the previous quarter, despite the stagnation of economic activity. 


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