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Galp Energia SGPS SA (Galp) is a Portugal-based holding company engaged in various business areas: Exploration and Production, Refining and Marketing, Natural Gas and Power. In the Exploration and Production area, the Company is mainly involved in the exploration of oil and gas in Brazil and Angola. In the Refining and Marketing area, Galp is active in the operation of oil and gas refineries for the production of gasoline, diesel and jet fuel, among others. It operates two refineries in Sines and Matosinhos. In the Power area, the Company generates electric and thermal energy. In the Natural Gas segment, Galp is principally engaged in the supply and distribution of natural gas in Portugal and Spain. Its subsidiaries include Galp Energia SA, Petroleos de Portugal - Petrogal SA, Galp Power SGPS SA and GDP - Gas de Portugal SGPS SA. As of February 7, 2008, the Company acquired assets of Eni SpA and ExxonMobil for the distribution of oil products in the Iberian Peninsula.

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