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Conduril Construtora Duriense SA is a Portuguese company engaged in public and private projects. The Company contains four divisions: CONDURIL - Gestao de Concessoes de Infraestruturas, SA, which handles investments; CONDURIL ENGENHARIA (ANGOLA), LDA, which handles civil and public construction in Angola; ENOP - ENGENHARIA E OBRAS, which handles civil and public construction in areas not covered by Angola; and MABALANE INERTES, LDA, which handles research and sales. Besides Portugal, the Company is active abroad, namely in Angola, Morocco and Mozambique. Conduril Construtora Duriense has built over 300 bridges since its inception in February of 1959. 

1835 - Arpatado 1024 Av. Eng. Duarte Pacheco
Ermesinde - Valongo, 
+351-22-9742501 (Phone)
+351-22-9748668 (Fax)

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