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Companhia Industrial de Resinas Sinteticas CIRES SA (CIRES) is a Portugal-based holding company engaged in the manufacture of thermoplastics materials, such as suspension polyvinyl chloride (S-PVC), polyvinyl chloride emulsion resins (E-PVC) and others. The main applications of S-PVC are in piping, compounds, cables and calendering. E-PVC is used in artificial leather, waterproof membranes, conveying belts and wallpaper. CIRES operates storage facilities in the Aveiro harbour, where it receives the raw material that goes to the Company's plant in Estarreja through a 23 kilometers long pipeline. The Company is part of the CIRES Group. As of December 31, 2008, its wholly owned subsidiaries included Previnil Empresa Preparadora de Compostos Vinilicos SA, CYGSA – compuestos e Granzas SA and Bamiso - Producao e Servicos Energeticos SA. The Company also holds shares in Sociprev – Soc de Mediacao de Seguros Lda.
Apartado 20 Samouqueiro - Avanca
Estarreja, 3864-752
+351-234-811200 (Phone)
+351-234-811204 (Fax)


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