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Cimpor is Portugal's top producer and seller of cement. Net sales break down by family of products as follows:
- cement (72.5%): 18.6 Mt sold in 2004;
- ready-to-use and prepared concrete (24.7%): 6.7 million m3 sold;
- other (2.8%): aggregates (12.9 Mt sold), and mortar (0.5 Mt sold).
Net sales geographically break down as follows: Portugal (38%), Spain (25.2%), Brazil (14.6%), South Africa (6.4%), Egypt (4.4%), Morocco (4%), Tunisia (3.9%), and other (3.5%).

 17-08-2011 CIMPOR H1 2011 Results - Robust ride despite turbulent times!

41H’11 EBITDA of €316M, up 6% yoy.
•Portfolio advantage: Emerging markets, despite Egypt, offset Iberia contraction and deliver 75% of EBITDA.
•Brazil: renewed record high quarter.
•Margin kept at top of industry peers 27.5%: higher cement prices offset increasing energy costs.
•Turnaroundsdeliver:-Chinaleveraging on improved market conditions;-Turkeycapturing strong demand increase.
Robust ride despite turbulent times!Net Profit up 34% yoy.
•Lower financial costs with no imparity losses (-39%);
•Lower taxes due to no Portuguese Surtax one-off impact (-18%).


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