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Pfeiffer Vacuum Technology AG is a Germany-based Company that manufactures and markets components and systems for vacuum generation, measurement and analysis. The Company's product portfolio is dividend into Turbopumps, including rotors and stators, among others; Pumping stations, which are a combination of backing pump and turbopump, and can be either stationary or mobile; Backing Pumps, which are a type of vacuum pumps operating in the pressure range between atmospheric pressure and approximately 0.0001 millibar; Vacuum measurement and analysis equipment, containing three series of equipment for pressure measurement, among others; Service, offering maintenance services and spare parts, among others, and Systems, in which the Company manufactures and develops vacuum systems for customer-specific processes. The Company's products are further diversified by market, including Analytics, Vacuum Coating, Research & Development, Semiconductor, Industry and Chemical and Process Technology.
Berliner Strasse 43
Asslar, 35614
+49-6441-8020 (Phone)
+49-6441-802365 (Fax)


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