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Nexus AG  is a Germany-based company operating in the information technology (IT) sector which offers solutions and services aimed at the healthcare sector. Nexus is active in two segments: Healthcare Software and Healthcare Services. The Healthcare Software division provides IT solutions for hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and social welfare institutions; it is structured into the units Nexus/CIS, Nexus/DIS and Nexus/Hospis in Switzerland. The Healthcare Service division provides IT consulting services for institutions operating in the healthcare system in Germany. The Company's software products structure the recording and evaluation of medical and nursing data, as well as support hospitals, rehabilitation clinics and long-term care institutions in improving their work processes. In May 2009, the Company acquired the Switzerland-based healthcare activities of EDS Information Business GmbH, which specializes in the development of software solutions for the medical sector.
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Ad hoc: Substantial sales and revenue growth in 2013
Villingen-Schwenningen, 25 March 2014: NEXUS AG, Villingen-Schwenningen, listed in Prime Standard increased its consolidated sales of KEUR 62,340 in the previous year to KEUR 73,263 (+17.5%) in 2013. The Group annual surplus increased by 26.1% to KEUR 7,220 (previous year: KEUR 5,728).

NEXUS AG was again able to achieve two-fi gure growth both in sales and revenue in 2013 and consequently continue its development of the previous years.

Sales in the core business, Health Care Software, increased by 14.1% to KEUR 64,940 (previous year: KEUR 56,921) over the whole year. The Healthcare Service Division had approx. 53.6% higher sales with KEUR 8,323 than in the previous year (KEUR 5,419). The foreign share of Group sales was 42.8% compared to 44.7% in the same period of the previous year.

The Group annual surplus was KEUR 7,220 following KEUR 5,728 in 2012 (+26.1%). The Group result before tax on income improved from KEUR 5,789 in 2012 to KEUR 7,078 (+22.3%). The EBITDA reached KEUR 13,998 following KEUR 11,820 in the previous year (+18.4%). The result per share increased by 19.1% to 50 cents (2012: 42 cents).

On 31 December 2013, the balance sheet showed stockholders equity amounting to approx. KEUR 72,369 (previous year: KEUR 68,113) as well as cash and securities in the amount of KEUR 23,804 (previous year: KEUR 23,051). There are no essential bank liabilities. The equity capital rate was 71.0%.

The Supervisory Board and the Executive Board will proposed at the annual general meeting to pay a dividend of 12 cents per share.

NEXUS AG, Ad Hoc: Continued Growth and Increasing Operating Result in the first half year

Villingen-Schwenningen, August, 22, 2011: NEXUS AG, Villingen Schwenningen, listed in Prime Standard, improved its sales to KEUR 24,544 in the first half year from KEUR 20,731 (+18.4%) and achieved a substantially better pre-tax result of KEUR 2,659 compared to KEUR 1,576 (+68.7%) in the previous year.
 The EBITDA improved from KEUR 4,073 to KEUR 5,407 (+32.8%), and the period result improved by 73.9% from KEUR 1,538 to KEUR 2,674. The second quarter closed with sales of KEUR 12,834 compared to KEUR 10,430 in the previous year (+23.4%) and an improved operating result before taxes of KEUR 1,533 (previous year: KEUR 776).
Sales continued to show good news with an increase in the Healthcare Software sector in the first six months, rising by 21.0% to KEUR 22,390 (previous year: KEUR 18,510).
The foreign share of Group sales was 44.7% in the first half year compared to 38.6% in the previous year. The Healthcare Service Division recorded sales of KEUR 2,154 in the first half year 2011 following KEUR 2,221 (-3.0%) in the first six months of the previous year.
The operative cash flow is approx. 15% higher than the previous year›s level at KEUR 6,228 (previous year: KEUR 5,412). As of 30 June 2011, the balance sheet of the NEXUS AG showed cash on hand and securities worth 21.8 million euros, against which there are no substantial financial liabilities. The equity capital rate was 72.8%.

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