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Lilac (or lila as it’s called in German) represents the synergy of two forces: Thought and action, utility and emotion, the mind and the heart. Just as these concepts are characterised by blue and red in colour theory, lilac – the blend of the two – symbolises for us how forces work together in the field of logistics. In other words, lilac is the visual expression of the way we understand modern logistics: To be the one source for planning and implementing the logistics process. 
The job of logistics is to connect the integration power of globally operating companies with their material and information flows. And yet, it can even do more. Logistics – the way we practice it – makes the growing range of products, materials and services on today’s markets controllable and puts our clients in a position to concentrate on their core competencies. Our goal is intelligent, end-to-end logistics solutions that open up additional competitive advantages for our customers.


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