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KROMI Logistik AG is a Germany-based company offering outsourcing services for the supply of precision tools that focuses on machining tools for metalworking and plastics. It combines tool trading with a peripheral tool supply that includes output machines in the customer’s production area and an information technology (IT)-based tool management as well as controlling system. The Company operates in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia, Poland, Denmark, France, Spain and Brazil. The solutions offered include KTC, KROMI Tool Center, a module for the product flow management; KeC, KROMI eCommerce, a software application offering logistics solutions; KEP, KROMI Engineering Process, a module allowing the search for optimal machinery parameters; KWM, KROMI Werkzeugmanagement, offering technical data for tools; and KCo, KROMI eCONTROL, a tool cost control system. The Company serves companies from engineering, aerospace, shipbuilding and automotive industries.
Tarpenring 11
Hamburg, 22419
+49-40-5371510 (Phone)
+49-40-53715199 (Fax)


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