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Hawesko Holding AG is a Germany-based holding company engaged in selling wines and champagnes. The Company has three main segments for the sale of its products. Mail Order Wine comprises of such companies as Hanseatisches Wein- und Sekt-Kontor, Carl Tesdorpf –Weinhandel zu Luebeck and Selection de Bordeaux and targets private and business customers. Wine-Shop Retail has outlets of Jacques' Wein-Depot throughout Germany and Austria and targets younger private customers. Wholesale and Distribution includes Wein Wolf, CWD Champagner- und Wein-Distributionsgesellschaft and Chateau Classic – Le Monde des Grand Bordeaux and targets restaurants and re-sellers. Hawesko’s subsidiaries include IWL Internationale Wein-Logistik GmbH, Hanseatisches Wien- und Sekt-Kontor HAWESKO GmbH and Jacques' Wein-Depot Wein-Einzelhandel GmbH

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