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Girindus AG is a Germany-based development company that is active in the biotechnology sector. The Company focuses on process development in the areas of fine and specialized chemicals, in particular pharmaceutical and cosmetic materials and semi-finished goods from chemical and biotechnical processes, as well as the production and sale of these products. Girindus AG operates laboratories and pilot plant facilities for medicinal chemistry, preclinical, clinical and radio synthesis needs in Cincinnati, the United States. The Company also operates through its wholly owned subsidiary Grindus America Inc. in Cincinnati, the United States, which is engaged in production, research, development and distribution for non-European countries. The Company is 75%-owned by Solvay Organicx GmbH.
Buchenallee 20 Bernsberg-Frankenfrost
Bergisch Gladbach, 51427
+49-2204-926900 (Phone)
+49-2204-926990 (Fax)

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