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4SC is a drug discovery and development company that uses its cheminformatics-based technology platform for the discovery and development of new drug candidates for the treatment of patients suffering from diseases with high medical needs.
Thus, 4SC has been generating a risk-balanced and continuously advancing pipeline of projects. 4SC's therapeutic focus centres on cancer and inflammatory diseases as well as virus infections since these indications combine significant market potential and high medical needs with reasonable development time and cost in the early clinical stages. 
The first project on the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis has completed clinical phase IIa. Additional projects in research and pre-clinical stages are progressing towards clinical development. All of 4SC's pipeline projects have been generated by 4SC's proprietary technology platform.
4SC aims to realise the commercial potential of these programmes through licensing arrangements with pharmaceutical partners.
4SC's technology platform combines the disciplines of chemistry and biology with the proprietary virtual High Throughput Screening technology, 4SCanŽ. This technology has transferred the principle of traditional High Throughput Screening from the laboratory to the computer. The integration of this in silico screening method into a seamless drug discovery and development workflow allows a significant reduction of development times from the identification of active molecules through to proof-of-concept in clinical trials. The cost and risk involved in bringing a drug to market are thus reduced.
The company was founded in 1997 and has its premises in Planegg-Martinsried, Germany. 4SC has been listed in the Prime Standard Segment (regulated market) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since December 15, 2005.

4SC-202 is the second epigenetic drug candidate currently in clinical development at 4SC. It is classified as a selective deacetylase (DAC) inhibitor, which specifically inhibits the HDAC 1, 2 and 3 enzymes. 4SC-202 is an oral anti-cancer compound and possesses a unique mode of action consisting of both epigenetic regulation and cancer stem cell targeting.
Mode of action
4SC-202 is an epigenetic compound targeting important signal transduction pathways which play a key role in cancer development and progression.
4SC-202 modulates the Wnt signalling pathway, thus leading to an inhibition of cellular signal transduction. The Wnt pathway plays a key role in origination, metastasis, and recurrence of cancer diseases. 4SC-202 also inhibits the cancer stem cell properties and is thus a promising therapeutic approach. The epigenetically modulated inhibition of the Hedgehog signalling pathway underscores the inhibition of cancer stem cells and further broadens the therapeutic scope of 4SC-202.
In terms of its mode of action, this sharply differentiates 4SC-202 from resminostat, 4SC’s most advanced epigenetic anti-cancer compound, and its potential therapeutic applications. 4SC-202 is therefore an ideal extension of and complement to 4SC's clinical pipeline. The compound could be especially applied in the treatment of haematological cancers, as well as cancers whose growth depends substantially on the Hedgehog and Wnt signalling pathways.
Clinical development programme
The compound, which has already demonstrated good efficacy in preclinical models, is currently being investigated in a clinical Phase I trial in patients with haematological tumours. The compound has exhibited outstanding tolerability in this trial to date. The anti-tumour activity derived from its particular epigenetic mode of action makes 4SC-202 an attractive future potential therapy for a broad range of cancer applications


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