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MANGATA HOLDING is one of the largest and fastest growing corporations in the industrial sector in Poland. It has the know-how, a team of experts and broad management competence in the metal industry. It focuses on industrial companies, manages and implements investments expanding its portfolio of products as well as the scale and area of operation.
It provides comprehensive solutions from design through production and manufacturing to service.
It operates in 4 operating segments:
1.    Automotive – subassemblies and components for automotive industry (KUŹNIA, MCS, MASTERFORM)
2.    Industrial valves and automation (ZETKAMA, ARMAK, TECHMADEX, ZETKAMA R&D)
3.    Fasteners (ŚRUBENA)
4.    Other non-productive operations (ZETKAMA NIERUCHOMOSCI, SISKIN 5 SKA, SISKIN 5)

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