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Apator SA is a Poland-based company active in the switchgear and metering segments of the electrical engineering sector. The Company’s four main product lines include switchgear and surge protective devices; electricity, gas and heat meters; billing and reading systems, and mining equipment. Apator SA operates mainly in Poland, but is also present on foreign markets. The Company, alongside its direct subsidiaries (Apator-Mining Sp. z o.o., Apator-Control Sp. z o.o., FAP Pafal SA, Apator Metrix SA, Apator Rector Sp. z o.o., Apator PoWoGaz SA and Apator GmbH), indirect subsidiaries (Apator-Kfap Sp. z o.o. and Wodpol Sp. z o.o.) and affiliated companies (Apator-Elektro SA Moskwa, Tieplowodomier, Gran-Systema-Pafal Sp. z o.o. and Mercom KFT), forms Apator Group.

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