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Yo Gotti Lyrics

1. That's What's Up (Intro)Lyrics
2. I Got Them feat. Lil Wayne & Baby Lyrics
3. Full Time Lyrics
4. Where I'm At 
5. U A Gangsta Right?
Let's Vibe Lyrics
Let's Vibe Lyrics
Shawty ride or die, if i'm sober or high 
she know just what to do, to help a gangsta get by 
shawty know a I like head, she aint trippin at all 
she go down on a nigga and she'll swallow it all 
me and her done it all, catch us both at the mall 
she can get what she wanna and that ain't trickin at all 
shawty fuck wit her nigga, her nigga fuck wit her back
she put her life on the line, cuz she'll ride wit this sack
when i went back to the hood, hustlin movin them birds 
she was takin up nursing, studying gettin whats hers 
I ain't chase her or sweat her, try my best to protect her 
when you fuck with a gangsta, baby you bet imma bless ya 
And thats real 

If you wanna come ride then (lets ride)
If you wanna come smoke then (lets smoke)
If you wanna come drink then (lets drink) 
If you wanna come vibe then (lets vibe) 
Come vibe baaaaaaaayyyyy 
I been thinkin bout fucking you (true)

I been thinkin bout kissin you (true) 
And touching you (true) and lovin you (thats all i wanna do bay) 

Wen we out on the road, granted doin my shows 
she be callin my phone, like 'don't be fuckin them hoes' 
she at home with my child, i be flirtin in the crowd 
I need help, i cant control myself these hoes be wild 
As I think to myself, another nigga in my bed 
So i stopped thinkin at all, that shit will fuck up yo head 
i took federal chances, i work so hard for the bread 
Wonder if she a keep it real, if i ever go to the feds 
She gon write me and visit me, like i think that she should 
Or she gon disrespect me, fuck another nigga out the hood 
I ain't chase her or sweat her, try my best to protect her 
I don't know about love, i just know what it'll get ya 

If you wanna come ride then (lets ride) 
If you wanna come smoke then (lets smoke) 
If you wanna come drink then (lets drink) 
If you wanna come vibe then (lets vibe) 
Come vibe baaaaaaaayyyyy 
I been thinkin bout fucking you 
I been thinkin bout kissin you 
And touchin and lovin you (thats all i wanna do bay) 

When yo momma was trippin, talkin bout kickin you out 
you had nowhere to go, i let you move in my house 
you can jump in my benz, go stunt out on ya friends 
i took you all around the world, and I'd do it again 
You respected my grind, cuz you knew I had that work 
And I respected ya mind, because you still went to work 
See it wasnt bout the money, shawty kept it 100 
She stayed in to it with her family, because they knew I was hustlin 
& thats real 

If you wanna come ride then (lets ride) 
If you wanna come smoke then (lets smoke) 
If you wanna come drink then (lets drink) 
If you wanna come vibe then (lets vibe) 
Come vibe baaaaaaaayyyyy 
I been thinkin bout fucking you 
I been thinkin bout kissin you 
And touchin and lovinn you (thats all i wanna do baby)

Full Time

[Yo Gotti]
You niggaz over there part time grindin and shinin and shit
This ya boy Yo Gotti yea 
Get ya motherfuckin weight up sucker 
Real hustler's don't need no sleep 

[Chorus x3] 
I'm a full-time hustler, I'm full-time real (aye yo) 
A full-time d-boy gettin it how I live (ya know) 
I full-time grind so I full time shine and 
I'm full-time strapped wit a fully loaded nine 

[Verse 1] 
I'm startin off my day wit a tank full of gas 
A clip full of hollows, a pocket full of cash 
A wrist full, a ring full, a chest full of ice 
And a bitch in the rental wit a trunk full of white 
I was ridin behind tent gettin bent at the light 
Seen the laws make a left so you know I bust a right 
That's the d-boy detour switchin up my route 
Check ya resource invoice the bird in the drought 
Got a phone full of missed calls, beeper full of codes 
One eight behind a number mean they want a half of a whole one 
Fully loaded most bird punk that'll bang ya 
Full-time thug and I'm a full-time gangsta 


[Verse 2] 
I'm full-time switchin lanes, rims spinnin, swirvin 
Full-time on the grind in the North servin 
Keisha and Tameka and Shanika, Marilyn 
Were full-time freaks but were part time virgins 
You were so blind you couldn't read between the lines 
See ya baby momma slash right was part time mine and 
I didn't really care about a part time hair 
Or a part time feelins and chillen wit y'all chillin 
I'm a full-time pimp you a part time spouse 
I just burn her brains, get them thangs, throw em' in her house 
I was out the frame, movin cane, runnin in and out 
When them people came, know the game, shut ya fuckin mouth 


[Verse 3] 
You a part time soldier runnin in the battlefield 
Talkin loud, sayin nothin, that's how you got ya homies killed 
Full grown man wit a part time plan 
So you walkin round, head down, lookin for a hand 
I'm a part time rapper, full-time trapper 
Copped my own bricks and shit and own my own Master's 
Done the shit myself so I can get it done faster 
Promised to myself that I wasn't fuckin wit you actors 
Full-time boss you a part time C.E.O. from never never land 
Peter Pan you's a middle man yea 
Yo Gotti got the money and the power 
You part time snitch and you a full-time coward 


U A Gangsta Right?
Since 50 dropped wanksta erbody a gangsta(this ya boy yo gotti) 
Since 50 dropped wanksta erbody a gangsta(gangsta) 
Yeah, you put on ya gangsta image nigga but you know you aint gangsta(gangsta) 
You can fool yaself nigga but the fact still remains you niggas just aint gangsta(gangsta) 

You got ya braids to the back(you gangsta rite) 
Sold ya rags get some tags(you gangsta rite) 
So you roll wit a clique(you gangsta rite) 
Claim you dont date no shit(you gangsta rite) 
I see you got ya golds in ya mouth(you gangsta rite) 
But them niggas shot up ya house(you gangsta rite) 
I know you aint gonna go like that(cuz you gangsta rite) 
you gangsta rite(rite), you gangsta rite(rite) You gangsta get real. 

All you animated put togther Popeye thugs need to hit cha spend it fo ya try to step to me cuz 
aint yosamite sam nor elmer fud 
Got a mold bird pump and it filled with slugs 
hit ya hunni in tha mouth 
you ran thats how tha cookie crumble 
Damn im too fast you remind me of the Warner Brothers 
you aint gon kill nutthin or let nutthin die 
be tha first to testify to tha LBI 
Yo Gotti got guns we aint seen before 
AR 15's red beams and scopes 
ya moms house got sprayed 
and ya mans got hit 
you was all on a dinner date trickin to a bitch 


Yeen shot nobody 
yeen sold no O's 
yeen been on a mission 
kicked down no doors 
yeen pimped no bitches 
yeen with no riches 
yeen cut a nigga head made em go get stiches 
yeen bout yo skrilla 
and you sho aint a boss 
you aint help young niggas 
you cant seen no cross 
you with ya ho romantic 
i make ya petty 
Im tha mild cold deala like shootin that cannon 
and ya bitch can get it to 
so get a taft none 
gangsta why tha fuck you run wit a gun 
Real niggas dont press charges 
what tha fuck you doin 
you on tha stand pointin fingers at peliminary hear 
me vs the state and you was the victim 
thought you said you was a solja 
you runnin with killas 
yeah tha truth hurts nigga 
but im more than bullets 
i make a bun get a gun 
run up on you and pull it 


you niggas square as a pool table 
and twice as green 
type of nigga take all his work and front it to fiends 
real gangstas get money 
and they call tha shots 
got block burnas that dont rap 
i can get you shot 
and then niggas tryna get tha Don's killed 
thats why i neva leave tha house with out my heata consealed 
i got one in tha cham when i jump in tha range 
keep my hand on tha trigga
i blow out ya brains 
leave tha club switchin lanes 
half a life doin a hundred 
tryna catch this cred dummy that wont pay me my money 
Im from north memphis nigga we dont play that shit 
You threw ya door fenders and windas 
and kill that bitch 


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