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Protest The Hero Album  Fortress (2008)
The Dissentience
Bone Marrow
Sequoia Throne
Palms Read
Limb From Limb
Goddess Bound
Goddess Gagged


Enemies of Khanate strung on hooks like pigs to slaughter
Heads will roll
Heads will roll, throats will be slit
and blood will flow like springs of water
Heads will roll
To the River Red, across the ochre steppe
A thousand fathers killed,
a thousand virgin daughters spread with swords still wet,
with swords still wet with the blood of their dead
___ is upon us, he kills in silence after prayers
Genghis Khan is upon us, he slays his betrayers
Thus still the fools of God will guard the city of our birth
Hold an ear to the ground
Hear the sound
Clamoring and horses stammer as their gallop meets the earth
Tomorrow they will find us
Hide the children free of sin
We will meet their blades by morning
Protected only by your skin
Tomorrow we will find them
Seek the youngest of their kin
And we will beat them with our fury
And we will crush them all like vermin, kill
And we will crush them all like vermin

Kezia (2005)
No Stars Over Bethlehem
Heretics & Killers
Divinity Within
Bury The Hatchet
Blindfolds Aside
She Who Mars The Skin Of Gods
Turn Soonest To The Sea
The Divine Suicide Of K.
A Plateful Of Our Dead

A Calculated Use Of Sound (2003)
Red Stars Over The Battle Of The Cowshed
An Apathetic New World
These Colours Don't Run
Fear And Loathing In Laramie
Led Astray
I Am Dmitri Karamazov And The World Is My Father

Search For The Truth (2002)
Is Anybody There?
Silent Genocide

Non-Album Songs Lyrics
5th Commandment
Asperity Of Sin
Break The Chain
Just Defy
Let It Die
Lost Cause
Soft Targets Dig Softer Graves

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