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  Project 86  - And The Rest Will Follow 

1. Sincerely, Ichabod
2. All of Me
3. Doomsday Stomp
4. Something We Can't Be
5. Subject to Change
6. Necktie Remedy
7. My Will Be a Dead Man
8. From December
9. Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face
10. ...and the Rest Will Follow
11. Cavity King
12. Wordsmith Legacy

Sincerely, Ichabod
We once drew 
Some lines in black 
And right now it's about time 
We took them back 
So bored of losing ground to the heresy 
In our hearts...
With a steady steady hand hand hammer hammer blade blade through your sweaty sweaty skin skin skin 
Please don't stay
We're well past asking
This time we'll make it clear 
Our point is made
You're no longer welcome here 
(But we) wish you well... 
With a steady steady hand hand hammer hammer blade blade through your sweaty sweaty skin skin skin
Off with your head 
We'll take it all back and then some 
Never again...Off with your head 
We'll cut out all that's a hinderance 
Bleed the old man
And just in case you want to protest 
Your eviction, imminent 
With a rolling head 
On the dirty pavement 
And just in case you want to contest 
Your destruction, evident 
The decision, permanent 
We'll send you out so you'll know that you will find a bright shiny new home on the other side 
(Never again 
Never again will you)
You're no longer welcome here 
(But we) wish you well
With a steady steady hand hand hammer hammer blade blade through your sweaty sweaty skin skin skin 
I know who I am in the depths of 
Spirit and truth 
I've seen the face of redemption 
And He isn't you 
I'm through indulging the tastes of 
My cruelest nature 
So I think this blade better suits you
Since we're the ones 
Who occupy this temple 
We'll be the ones 
Who'll show you out

Doomsday Stomp
Let's play a little game 
On scribbled paper 
You guess the letters 
And I'll draw the hanging man
Hint number one is 
Five letters inscribed over 
The lips of eyeless woman 
Asking me for needles and a thread to sew her head back together again 
She reaches forward 
And grabs ahold of my sleeve 
Her antennae wrap around me 
Her lungs infect me as she breathes...
The roadkill scent of violent city
Oh swollen anthill sore 
Insects desperate cries 
Oh infected for 
Doomsday stomp from the skies
This town made its guesses 
But can't spell her own name 
A five letter word for the oncoming plague 
A stick figure dangling from stoplight grave

5. Subject to Change
Relent to your useless devices 
Retreat, your last line of defense 
Regress to the hollow relationships that shield you from yourself
Relent to your fortress of skin 
Retreat, anything to distract 
Regress to your hands as they cover your eyes 
But you can't help but peek through the cracks
Cold, hard dread swelling into parallels 
To everything you ever said you'd repel 
Once with a glimpse now 
Second your guess it's 
Tough to admit and admit and admit that
Your fate's still undecided 
Relent, to the terror that distances you 
Retreat, to the habitual grins 
Regress to the deception, quiet and tame
Once was transformed, now exactly the same 
Remember when you nearly plunged into embrace? 
But instead you've chosen to keep it all at bay
Return to yourself.

My Will Be a Dead Man
High noon cometh, not a moment too soon 
There's gonna be a firefight tonight 
A reckoning to confront the residents of this tomb 
A gunpowder partyand it feels just right 
There comes a time 
There comes a day 
There comes an hour when...
In every man's life 
In every man's life 
When he must... 
Brandish his steel 
Mount up his steed
In every man's life 
In every man's life 
My will be a dead man
All is quiet in the dusty alleyways 
Few men dare to penetrate this land 
And live to tell this terrible tale 
My trusty six shot, my own right hand 
There comes a day 
There comes a time 
There comes an hour when...
I'm not talking 'bout killing a man 
I'm not referring to dirt, this land 
There's no showdown here besides the one 
That's erupting inside my head
My will be a dead man

Hand, The Furnace, The Straight Face
It's 4 AM 
I was
Sound asleep 
To hunt the sheep
There is a choice 
Within a voice 
Lurking somewhere between 
Hidden parts 
And facial scars 
And remnants of the deepest needs 
I am convinced 
In sleeplessness 
That we need some source of rest 
With frequency 
Won't become a place to lay our heads
I've searched 
And tried 
And tumbled in the midst 
I've swallowed pride 
And nullified 
What's left of innocence 
Won't be made 
We'll set a precedent 
Never to late 
To recreate 
So here's your evidence
Am I getting through? 
Is this loud enough? 
Any means 
By all extremes 
This feeling follows action 
You can take 
My worst mistakes 
And use them for excuses 
Or you can try 
To realize 
This vessel's by itself is worthless 
The hand, the furnace, the straight face

11. Cavity King
Desires in conquest to 
Murder her maim her 
Progress possession in blackmail entrails to 
Pursuit your end for 
Regret with shame no end to shade 
Bait her in comfort complete
Then move to kill 
Red ink 
Spills from her veins 
Your quill still draws her in 
Red ink 
Spills from her veins
In curses, in cursive
This is regret in it's purest 
A simple plan here 
Your on the trail of the 
Hunted, haunted now 
Smiling and nodding 
She'll go without a fight (without a fight) 
To your delight 
She's unaware 
She's helpless in your sights
Though brief 
Murdering heaping 
The coals, the heat 
Surgery pending 
The king 
Of cavity quenching by 
The tips 
Of fingers across the 
I know 
You ache 
But she is alive 
I know 
You ache 
But she's more than a story
Your entries made public 
Your journals in crimson 
Her veins filled with red ink 
Your quill spills in crimson
All of Me
Been swallowing my debris 
Without a trace of dignity 
I'm living a fallacy and 
Been holding tight to all I can't keep 
One memory 
One memory 
This time's the last I'll second guess 
Your legacy 
Your legacy 
This time's the last I will forget
So can't you take 
All of me
All of me
All of me?
Once and for all
Can't you take me?
I recognize the causes 
Now I'm cutting all my losses 
Severing all the hindrance 
Shedding the viral skin of infection 
You'd never believe the wolf I became (this time) 
In moments of weakness and disarray (this time) 
But now they can try to beat it out of me (this time) 
I'm welcome to the challenge of emergency 

Out of the halls of ruin 
The slow burn slow steady climb this time 
'Bout to reverse the movement 
And I'm quite sure you know just where I'm heading

Something We Can't Be
What you think is pivotal 
Just for the sake of 
Controlling your decision making 
The world we're missing is still ours for the taking
Into isolation 
To comfort, presentation 
Anxiety laden, restless confusion 
No courage, no confidence, absent delusion
Most of us would be lying 
Holding fast to denying 
If we 
Said we're all feeling swell and content 
All of us would be slipping 
Backpedaling, gripping 
So tight 
To our fragile confidence
We're trying 
Just to convince 
The world we're 
That we can't be 
We are not 
Afraid of 
Being alone 
Of being caught 
By oursselves 
With only 
Our own thoughts
With hope and integrity 
The only true currency 
The guilt, not the guilty 
And I promise a better night's sleep

Necktie Remedy
You say: "Make me into something 
Give me a body" 
And you say: "Let me out the bottle 
Make me into someone 
You can give me life 
And I'll trade 
The potion you embody with 
Trips down the well and a swing from a necktie remedy, necktie remedy."
"You can give me life..."
"Let me in, it's cold in this abyss 
Let me in cause it's cold 
You'll raise your drinks up hight and swallow to forget 
You'll raise your drinks up high 
We'll swallow to forget."
You say: "The sugarcube mixture saves the day."
You say: "The green cloudy waters will take you away." 
But when dawn floods in 
With the day 
The journey I imagined brought 
Me right back here to a swing from these necktie remedies, necktie remedies
"Let me in, it's cold in this abyss 
Let me in cause it's cold 
You'll raise your drinks up high and swallow to forget 
You'll raise your drinks up high 
We'll swallow to forget
"Let me in."
"You'll be vacant
For those moments 
That you occupy me."
"Now let's make me something in and of myself 
And become the cataclysmic reality 
So far beyond the symptom, I, limitless when you empower me 
Because habit takes root in decision 
And you can bet that I can wait 
If you can 
For the moment when you need a little pick me up 
A little bump 
A little boost 
A little helping hand."

From December
It's the first day 
Since I handed you your final rose 
In your house 
I'm staring out the window at our tree (We planted below)
The heights of which 
You'll never 
Ever know
You always 
Were there to rescue me 
From december
I wonder if you'll look the same 
When you embrace me on that day 
Will you remember my name 
When I return home again?
In my minds eye 
I see you next to me as I'm on my knees 
It's in this place 
That you showed me how to ask eternity
For shelter 
For comfort 
For relief
I see our branches stretching 
To heights you'd not believe 
One day these leaves will reach you
And there will be no more
You always gave me refuge 
You always offered shelter 
From December's snow 
My chin still rests upon you 
While my feet they sway 
I wonder if you'll look the same 
When you embrace me 
On that day

 ...and the Rest Will Follow
Crucial context
Pressure drops
Unknown heights
I am, I was
Am I was
North in the 
Whitewall squall 
Here is your why 
Is your why
Never to late 
To recreate 
To mutilate 
I'll meet you in 
Meet you in
Exit Scene 
In cold relief
The hand 
The furnace 
The straight face

12. Wordsmith Legacy
Knock knock knock 
Sound the blows to the forhead from the 
Mock mock mock 
Of the words, a voice I hear every morning
Like stalking me from yesterday 
The taunts of one who sought to frame 
The picture of this desolate 
This figure cowering
Every word a double edged sword 
A double edged sword
My every word
Drop drop drop
Sound the sledge to the metal 
Shot shot shot 
Sound the pin to the chamber 
My own words pound after me 
Intentions bent on conquering 
The very will I proudly claimed 
Was the very axe that cut the nape
Every word a double edged sword 
A double edged sword 
My every word
(I'll never, ever look back 
Sitting still, sitting still 
Arrogant mindset of lusts 
They search and strain and drink and stagger 
When we are hollow 
Sitting still, sitting still 
You hate us cause we'll never go away)
"You can drown 
In your own mistakes 
Burrowing into the black 
or you can take my hand"
My every word
"This gift was never yours 
So why would you ever think 
That the words you said were your own? 
I have chosen 
And breathed 
And forgiven 
And changed 
And purged
And cleaned 
And forgave 
And bathed 
And carried 
And soothed 
And burned 
And spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken and spoken... 
Yours is not to proclaim...but only to obey."
Copyright 2006