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Pony Up ! - Make Love to the Judges with Your Eyes

1. Dance for Me 
2. Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die) 
3. Possible Harm
4. Best Offence
5. Only Feelgood 
6. What's Free Is Yours 
7. Ships 
8. First Waltz 
9. Pastime Endeavor 
10. Make, Model, # 
11. Lines Bleed 
Dance for Me
You rode in on a horse 
and I took him down 
I left you to walk alone 
I left you on the ground 

dance for me, I like to watch 
I've got that look in my eyes 
and you know that I could eat you alive 
you know that I could just take you inside

the parting of the double ruby pout of his lips seemed to exhale an air sweeter than it drew in, oh, what does it cost me to refrain the so tempted kiss

3. Possible Harm
This is another lonely morning 
and the telephone will ring 

you're mad that I won't see you 
so happy and so mean 
so I'll make my rounds again 
and go groping in the dark 

and baby, you might think I'm winning, 
but I've got the horse behind the cart 

they say that this is appealing 
in someone so young 
well maybe this will be fun 

look kids I think that she's feeling, 
or is she numb? 

this is me without charm 
what possible harm could I do? 
what harm could I do to you? 

I took you into my arms 
what possible harm could I do? 
what harm could I do to you?

Truth About Cats and Dogs (Is That They Die)
See how close I can get
to keep myself from getting wet 
oarade me around 
don't let me let you down 
I've got dirt on my shoe 
tell me what I'm gonna do 
parade me around 

give my beat box a squeeze 
bring me back to life 
get me off of my feet 

give me a reason 
send me a postcard 
tell me a story 
why are you so far 
i'm cramming for nothing 
i'm pushing on buttons 
tell me why 
you're fooling no one 

crawl out the window 
make my way down the brick wall 
you don't have to be there 
to catch me I won't fall 

now I'm sleepwalking 
but I'm fooling no one 
hang in the alley 
take cat naps from now on 

sleep for days don't ever change 
you'll be here in the morning 
just to hear me say

Best Offence
Don't tell me they all hate me now too 
don't tell me it all comes back to you 

the only thing I can think to do 
is to sap some strength 
from somebody new 

I miss not knowing you so well 

you make yourself useful to each one who cries 
and then left without you they'll be paralyzed 

my self-respect means more to me than you do 
or at least it used to 

I wonder what it was I thought that I knew 
did I realize I would never be enough for you? 

you ask again what is it that I'm waiting for 
that is a stupid question 
that is to be sure 

you sit there calmly with your eloquence 
and I thought the best offence was a good defence 
but I keep losing every round 
I remember when it all started going down 

I remember the beer caught in my throat 
and the lonely comfort of my only winter coat 
I could tell you exactly when I fell 
it was back when I did not know you so well

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