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Plan B  Lyrics

Plan B The Recluse Lyrics

Sick 2 Def 
No Good 
Dead And Buried
Mama (Loves A Crackhead) 
I Don't Hate You

8. Everyday 
9. Tough Love 
10. Where Ya From 
11. No More Eatin' 
12. Missing Links 
13. Couldn't Get Along 
14. Who Needs Actions When You Got Words
Right e'rybody listen up
This is my time now u get me?
Fucking cunts!
Check it! 

I break a bottle over some boys head, stab a broken piece in to the poor cunts leg, I leave him in an alley where he's screaming and bleeding to death, run away laughing my head off, just to leave him for dead. What do I care? It's not like I'm gonna get caught, anyways, killing ain't a crime; it's a fucking blood sport and I might have to notch up as many points as possible, show the kids on my estate that I'm unstoppable. Cos in my world respect is the only thing that matters, fight and get enough, someone weak enough for me to beat is getting battered, your self-esteem is getting shattered in to tiny little fragments on the floor its scattered. What can I say? Life ain't fair but I don't care cos I'ma touch up you like Elliott Nair. I tie a bandana round my head like Rambo, shoot you on your fucking doorstep like Jill Dando. 

Pick up an AK and spray 
That's the mentality of kidz today 
Fuck a girl and get her pregnant underage 
That's the mentality of kidz today 
Even when I got doe I wont pay my way 
That's the mentality of kidz today 
Stabbing you in the leg down an alley way 
That's the mentality of kidz today 

Even when I got cash in my pocket I ponce, have it all for free, everything that I want 
Now I smoke all your weed, get right of my bunce, never repay the favour back not even once cos I count like a jack on roll, I don't need the doe but the greed takes control and if I go looking for a fast to harass just to hear him tell me he's brass. I'm like trust me blood, you don't wanna make this hard, hand over your money, your phone and your pokemon cards, rule fast or else I'll go on like smoking cigarettes, bad for yo health, got one hell of a mean streak, causing beef on the street, I pray on the week for ever looking for fresh meat, I need to eat. Keep feeding my ego, I'ma control freak and I'm only 14 years old. 


You know the eye to the law, I'm not old enough to have sex, my balls aint even dropped yet and I've had skets lying on their backs flat on the floor, virgin pussy getting fucked till its raw. I go out on the chirps looking for birds, some young dumb bitch to fuck so hard it hurts, and whats worse is that I do it bareback cos when I put a condom on, its bare slack. Nah my dick aint big enough for that, so I just stick my dingaling inside her snatch and that's that. If I see something I want, then I'll take it, girl wont give it up, then I'll rape it, break it, inpenetrate it, I'm gonna make it happen, impregnate it, if she has a jew I act like it aint mine, make her have an abortion for the 8th time. 


There's a gangsta named Bonehead who runs tings around my area, the shit he's involved couldn't get any hairier, if u wanna sit listening, he'll find you no matter where u are, fucking wid him is worse than catching malaria. He's the most notorious drug dealer on my estate, so ….. back to heroin and cocaine, double cross him and you'll feel the pain and theres more disappearing acts on the street than David Blaine. And I wanna be just like him, riding in a blacked out, pimping with alloy rims, doing drive-by's, firing an AK47 out the window and ting. See that kinda shit impresses me cos I got an ignorant mentality, the way I see is the way to be, so I haven't got nothing will ever get through to me. 


Boy that's the way it is today! 

Mama (Loves A Crackhead)

So He Says He Loves You, Wants You To Be His Wife? 
But He's Too Hooked On The Crack Path For That To Be Right, 
It's All Lies None Of It's True, Though It Hurts You Know What You Gotta Do 
Like A Dirty Needle You Don't Know Where He's Been, 
All I Know Is That I've Seen Him High When He Says That He's Clean, 
There Was A Grey Patch When He First Bust On The Scene, 
But As The Mystery Un-Ravelled All Became Black N' White, Know What I Mean? 
We Can Never Be Friends, He Can Go To Hell, 
No More Hangin' Round The House Like A Bad Smell, 
Either He Goes Or I Do, 
It's Your Decision Mama, It's All On You, 
You're Too Old To Be Naive, N' I Know You Ain't Eager, 
But That What Bothers Me Maa, Coz You Goin' On Different, 
I Ain't Never Seen You Loved Up Like This Before, 
Why's It Everybody But You Can See You Deserve More? 

Can't Ya See 
What He's Tryna Do,
To You And To Me,
It's So Black And White, 
While Your Sittin At Home, 
He's Out Smokin' Crack Tonight. 
N I Can't Go For That 
No Can Do, 
I Can't Go For That 
Can't Go For That 

When I First Met Him Thought He Was Cool, 
Had A Few Things In Common Like Supportin' Arsenal, 
I Saw The Way He Made You Happy Like A Love-Fool 
Calmed You Down When Times Were Hard Up, Stressful, 
But All That Don't Ammount To Shit, 
When He Starts Actin' Like A Little Kid, 
Treatin' You As If You Were Sum Kind Of Bitch, 
Mama You Ain't Rich, 
But Still He Borrows Your Money, 
N Never Pays It Back, 
Cos' Every Penny He Gets Is Spent On That, 
Bad Habit, It, 
Fuckin' Takes The Piss, 
Bringin' That Slut Into Our House, 
This Is Your Monent, This, 
N' I Know You Threw Him Out For That, 
But How Lon's It Gonna Be Before You Take Him Back? 
(Mama Your Alone Now, Your The Only) 
One That Can't See That This Bloke Is A Phoney, 
N He Don't Really Care About Ya Mum, 
He Just Sez He Does Coz' He Fuckin Thinks Ya Dumb! 


"Yo, Ma Mama Loves A Crackhead" 
Is That What I'm Sposed To Tell My Friends When They Ask Me How I'm Doin' 
Am I Sposed To Pretent? 
I'm Like "There's Nuttin Wrong" 
When There Blatently Is, 
Turn The Other Cheek When He's Takin The Piss, 
Fuck That 
That's Not How The Man Of The House Acts, 
I've Gotta Defend My Territory, Guard My Patch, 
When I Know He's Doin Dodgy Shit Behind Your Back, 
Put My Foot Down, Stand My Ground N' That,
This Has Got To Stop, 
Whether The Guy Burns Crck Or Not, 
His Head, In There, He's Fuckin Lost The Plot, 
Dead N Buried Is The Ac' Phrase, 
Can't Even Act Right, Can't Even Act His Age, 
Thats So Fuckin' Lame, 
Thirty-Sumfin' Years Old, 
He Should Feel Ashamed, 
If I Was Him I'd Slit My Veins In The Main, 
Tryna Loop One Bar, 
For Sinnin Til' My Arteries Drained, 
N Ride His Time So I Ain't Gotta Do It Again, 
Cos' There's Nuttin More Pathetic Than A Cry For Help, 
Either You Do Or You Don't Wanna Kill Yourself, 
Everybody Knows You Got A Problem So It Don't Matter If You Admit It, 
What You Gotta Do Is Be A Man N' Fuckin Deal With It. 

I Know The Truth Hurts Mama, 
But This Shit Has Gotta Be Said, 
He Doesn't Love You, He Never Has N' Thats A Fact, 
Coz' The Only Thing He Really Loves In This World Is Crack 


[Verse 1:] 
The first day I saw her was at the train station, 
She was half black, half Caucasian 
At first, yo, I thought she was asian 
But as I get a bit closer her origin in blatent. 
The best of both worlds, caramel complexion 
And I swear when she smiled I almost, got an erection 
Piercing green eyes, they shine like emeralds 
When she, gave me the wink I could only think with my genitals 
She tells me her name as soon as I approach her 
Its charmaine, charmaine de la rosa 
I say, "is that Spanish" she says, "yeah" I say, "kosher" 
Whole time im imagining what it would be like to dose her 
Train pulls up and we get on it together 
Duration of the journey get to know each other better
We exchange numbers and agree to meet up afterwards 
She blows me a kiss and with that I departed 

Young girl, get out of my mind 
My love for you, is way out of line 
Young girl, get out of my mind 
My love for you, is way out of line 

[Verse 2:] 
One week and 20 pound phone credit later,
I don’t just wanna seduce this girl, now I wanna date her. 
She got a great personality and sense of humour, 
Next time we meet it just cant come any sooner. 
We arrange to go out for a drink at a bar, 
Shes already there when I arrive and she looks the part. 
Even more stunning than I remember, 
Fuck it, drop dead gorgeous 
Her arse is tight and her breasts are bloody enormous! 
Hand in hand we walk over to the doorman 
Hes got a big shiny head yo he looks like George Foreman 
He lets her through and asks me for I.D 
Im like "what the hell you talking bout man, im 19!" 
I whip my drivers licence out and he lets me in, 
Then I trip over a step, how embarrassing. 
Charmaine lets to see it all but pretends not to see, 
I feel like a fool, she just thinks its sweet. 

Young girl, get out of my mind 
My love for you, is way out of line 
Young girl, get out of my mind 
My love for you, is way out of line 

[Verse 3:] 
The night goes a lot smoother than planned, 
Apart from the little hick-up at the start its all gone grand 
Whenever guys try to chat her up, she shows them the hand 
Turns down every dance saying I’m her man. 
We get a cab back to my place where we get it on 
I take off my shirt, she strips right down to the thong. 
I marvel at her body, feluptuous curves 
Shes a real woman, no doubt about it. 
Her confidence is sky high, 
Shes the one whos got me on my back 
Shes saying "baby this is your night." 
Im like "alright, its worth a go I spose" 
So, we switch roles and takes full control 
She starts slow, grinding me softly 
Whilst kissing, yeah, shes doing me properly. 
Its when I start thinking, man, 
this girls gotta be from outta this world or something because shes shocking me.
Never felt like this before this was more than sex. 
Sex was something that you had with skanks. 
Something the next day you regret with a, 
Girl you wish that you had never met. 
Na ah, no way man, this had to be love, 
I couldn’t believe I was saying it, but that’s what it was. 
Like a leaf in the autumn, I had fallen. 
After that nothing else seemed important. 

Young girl, get out of my mind 
My love for you, is way out of line 
Young girl, get out of my mind 
My love for you, is way out of line 

[Verse 4:] 
So now its time to hear my predicament, my catch 22 
I loved this girl but now I have to cut her loose. 
So I was talking to one of my boys the very next day 
And I, told him all about me and Charmaine. 
He looks at me in a very strange way, 
And asks me if de la rosa is her surname 
If shes, mixed race and her eyes are green 
I say "yeah" he replies, "blud, that girls fourteen.

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