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Societe Electrique de l'Our SA (SEO SA) is a Luxembourg-based company active in the utilities sector. Through its subsidiaries the Company operates a pumped-storage hydroelectricity plant in Vianden, Luxembourg (its biggest power plant, with over 90 % of total revenue in 2009), as well as a number of run-of-the-river hydroelectricity stations on the Moselle and Sauer rivers in Luxembourg and France. Through its Luxembourg-based participations Wandpark Gemeng Hengischt, Wandpark Kehmen-Heisichent, Wandpark Burer Bierg and Windpower, the Company produces wind energy. As of December 31, 2009, The Company owned stakes in other companies, including Agence de l'Energie SA, which promotes the use of renewable energies.
2, rue Pierre d'Aspelt
Luxembourg, L-1142
+352449021 (Phone)
+352451368 (Fax)


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