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Kernel Holding SA is a Ukraine-based holding company for a group of subsidiaries engaged in the agriculture sector. It specializes in the production, distribution and export of sunflower oil and corps. In addition, it provides crop freight handling services in the port of Illichevsk. It is structured into four divisions, including Oil, which operates through three oilseed crushing plants, two oil refining and bottling facilities, which offer oil under the Chumak Zolota, Stozhar and Shedryi Dar brands; Grain, which operates via 25 grain silos and two trucking companies, providing storage and logistic support to grain and oil activities; Farming, involved in the harvesting of grain and oil corps, and Port, involved in freight handling in the port of Illichevsk. It exports a range of cereals, including wheat, barley, soya beans, rapeseed, corn and peas, as well vegetable oils, mainly sunflower oil, to the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS), the European Union, Asia and North Africa.
16, Nemirovicha-Danchenko
Kiev, 01133
+380-44-4618801 (Phone)
+380-44-4618864 (Fax)

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