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Intercultures SA, also known as Compagnie Internationale de Cultures SA, is a Luxembourg-based holding company with direct and indirect interests in companies operating in Africa, in the sectors of rubber, and palm oil production, respectively accounting for approximately 45 % and 39 % of total revenue in 2009. The Company has two wholly owned subsidiaries: Liberian Agricultural Company (LAC), which specializes in the production of rubber, and West African Trading (WAT), which is engaged in the trade of rubber and palm oil. As of December 31, 2009, Intercultures SA also held majority stakes in Okomu Oil Palm Company Plc, Bereby-Finances (Befin) SA, Palmcam SA and Salala Rubber Investment Ltd, in Liberia, Ivory Coast, Nigeria and Camerun amongst others. Intercultures SA is controlled by Societe Financiere Luxembourgeoise SA, also known as Socfinal SA.
4, avenue Guillaume
Luxembourg, 1650
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