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Global Brands S.A. (Global Brands) is engaged in the sale of Domino’s Pizza products in Switzerland. The Company carries on its principal trading activity in Switzerland. Global Brands operates in two principal segments: east and west Switzerland. These segments are defined by the languages, French in the west and Swiss German in the east. The Company holds a franchise agreement for Domino’s Pizza in Switzerland, Luxembourg and Liechtenstein. Its current activities consist of the promotion, manufacture and sale of Domino’s Pizza. Global Brands currently operates 11 Domino’s Pizza stores across Switzerland. Of the 11 operating stores six were in the west region and five in the east region. As of December 31, 2009, a branch has been opened in Zürich through which Global Brands carries on its principal trading activity in Switzerland. During 2009, its sales were made under the Domino’s Pizza franchise in Switzerland.
2 Boulevard Grande Duchesse
Charlotte, L-1330
+352459164 (Phone)


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