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Aardvark Investments S.A., formerly known as Artemis Fine Arts is a Luxembourg-based company engaged in advanced biofuel technologies. The Company has liquidized all the art trading subsidiaries with the exception of the London and Geneva operations and these will be closed in early 2008. The Company no longer employs any art experts. Aardvark Investments S.A.’s strategy is to invest in intellectual property and/or technology in producing alternative energy. Through its subsidiaries, it operates in the renewable energy sector. The Company engages in barley transformation research for the development of enzymes used in the production of biofuels, and food and feed improvement products, such as functional food, neutra-ceuticals, and food and feed additives, as well as oral vaccines, pharmaceuticals, and cell culture media agents. It also specializes in algae field technology and in canola and mustard seed varieties. Aardvark Investments S.A. is headquartered in Luxembourg.

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