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Alphameric plc, founded in 1984, employs over 600 personnel dedicated to providing market-leading solutions to organisations throughout Europe and the USA. 
Recent acquisitions
In 2000 Alphameric acquired three organisations to ensure that it has the skills to remain in front of its competitors and to enlarge its sales potential. The first acquisition was of Online Group (Holdings) Ltd. based in York.  Online are the leading supplier of software solutions to the drinks market sector. With sales to 31% of their available market, Online have a reputation for quality and service that is second to none. Later that year the group acquired Pennine Group (Holdings) limited, a highly rated software supplier to the retail marketplace with particular skill in supplying central merchandising, financial, human resources and business intelligence software - and, via Peak Service Solutions Limited, customer support and services - to high-street retailers. We later completed the acquisition of Microskill Limited a specialist supplier of software and systems to UK bookmakers.

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