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Giovanni Crespi SpA is an Italy-based industrial holding company. It splits its activities into three divisions: the Polyurethane Foam division, the Synthetic Material division and the Advanced Technologic Textile division. The Company's core activities include the manufacturing of synthetic leathers, the production of non-woven polyurethane foams and the manufacturing of materials for the footwear, fashion accessories, upholstery and bookbinding markets. Giovanni Crespi offers a range of products, covering tablecloths, leather goods and polyurethane polymer product range, shoe lining product range and sock lining materials, as well as traditional polyvinyl chloride (PVC) clear and compound foils, next to various finishing and metal effects. It has production plants in Italy, Poland, China and Brazil, and it sells its products in more than 60 countries around the world. It operates through several direct and indirect subsidiaries.
Viale Pasubio, 38
Legnano, 20025
+39-0331-446111 (Phone)
+39-0331-596477 (Fax)

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