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Falck Renewables SpA is an Italy-based company engaged in the renewable energy production. Mainly it operates in four areas: Wind energy, which has zero impact on the atmosphere; Waste to energy as an answer to the problem of disposing waste downstream of separate waste collection, in complete harmony with the objective of safeguarding the environment; Biomass energy as an organic material that can be used as a fuel to produce energy, it is clean, renewable and neutral in terms of carbon dioxide emissions, and Photovoltaic energy which takes place without the emission of any polluting substances, without recourse to combustible fossil fuels, and in the total absence of noise pollution. It operates though several direct and indirect subsidiaries, among the direct there are: Actagri Srl, Actelios Solar SpA, Ambiente 2000 Srl, Ecocentro Soluzioni Ambientali Srl, Ecosesto SpA, Elettroambiente SpA, Esposito Servizi Ecologici Srl and Falck Renewables Wind Ltd.
Via Alberto Falck 4-16
Sesto San Giovanni, 20099
+39-02-24331 (Phone)
+39-02-24333791 (Fax)


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