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Edison is one of Italy’s top energy companies, with operations in the procurement, production and sale of electric power and natural gas. 
Edison has realized into the last years one of the most important energy investments’ plans all over Europe. Edison aims to consolidate its role of leader operator into energy field, thanks to the development of new infrastructures of European relevance into gas field and innovative costumers’ services. 
Edison has an electric energy share of nearly the 17% of the Italian production market and the 20% of the sales market addressed to companies. Edison, thanks to 7.000 MW of new highly efficient and compatible plants, has now a total installed capacity of more than 12.000 MW. 
Into hydrocarbons field, Edison has an integrated presence in natural gas chain, from the production to the importation, distribution and selling, with a market share of 16%. 
To support its development, Edison has planned investments for 6,2 thousand millions euros into the period 2008-2013. In particular, the company wants to promote a strong acceleration into electric energy production from renewable sources, a field in which will be invested nearly 1 thousand million euros. The plan foresees the growing into hydrocarbons’ field through the support to exploration and production activities, the development of new storage activities and new international infrastructures for gas importation. Before the end of the year, it’s planned the start up of the rigassification terminal of Rovigo, that will increase supply safety into our country, allowing the importation of 8 billions gas (equal to the 10% of the actual request of gas into Italy). In 2012 there will be the start up of Galsi and ITGI pipelines, that will connect Italy to Algeria and Caspian See, two areas reserved to hydrocarbons. 
Into the final selling, Edison has beneficial into last years of the liberalisation of energy field, gaining a large market share into all business segments and it’s prepared now to enter into residential market.


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