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Eni is one of the leading integrated energy companies in the world operating in the oil and gas, power generation, petrochemicals, engineering and construction industries. Eni is present in 73 countries and is Italy’s largest company by market capitalisation

30/10/2013 Eni announces Results for the Third Quarter and Nine Months 2013

San Donato Milanese, October 30, 2013 - Eni, the international oil and gas company, today announces its group results for the third quarter and nine months 2013 (unaudited)1 .
Financial highlights2

 Adjusted operating profit: €3.44 billion for the quarter (down 15.7%3); €9.1 billion for the nine months (down 35.2%3);
 Adjusted net profit: €1.17 billion for the quarter (down 29.4%3); €3.13 billion for the nine months (down 41%3);
 Net profit: €3.99 billion for the quarter (up 61.9%); €5.81 billion for the nine months (down 5.8%);
 Operating cash flow: €3.04 billion for the quarter; €7.79 billion for the nine months;
 Leverage at 0.24.
Operational highlights

 Oil and gas production: 1.653 mmboe/d in the quarter, down 3.8%, due to extraordinary reductions in Nigeria and Libya (down 3.1% in the nine months);
 Recognized net consideration and net gain of €3 billion on the divestment to CNPC of the 28.57% interest in Eni East Africa, owner of the mineral rights in Area 4 in Mozambique;
 Produced first oil at the giant Kashagan oil field;
 Made large exploration successes offshore Mozambique, Congo and Australia;
 Resource base increased by 0.7 billion barrels in the quarter; 1.6 billion barrels in the nine months.
Paolo Scaroni, Chief Executive Officer, commented:
"In the third quarter of 2013, we achieved significant exploration successes, made excellent progress in our development activities with new field start-ups and monetized part of our interest in Mozambique. These operating successes strengthen our profitability outlook against the backdrop of a quarter that has not only been affected by difficult market conditions in the European markets of mid and downstream, but also by the extraordinary reductions of production in Nigeria and Libya, and by the appreciation of the euro. Considering that these trends are temporary and given the solidity of our businesses, we will start the buyback program."

15.02.2013 Eni announces results for the fourth quarter and the full year 2012

Eni announces the results for the First Quarter of 2010
Financial Highlights
- Adjusted operating profit: up 15.4% to €4.33 billion
- Adjusted net profit: up 3.6% to €1.82 billion
- Net profit: up 16.7% to €2.22 billion
- Cash flow: €4.55 billion
Operational Highlights
- Oil and natural gas production: up 2.1% to 1.816 million barrels per day
- Natural gas sales: down 5.7% to 30.51 billion cubic meters.  

Eni, Occidental Petroleum and KOGAS sign the technical service contract with Iraq's South Oil Company and Missan Oil Company to redevelop Zubair field
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Production to increase by 1 million barrels of oil per day 
Consortium to invest approximately $20 billion over the life of the 20 year contract 
Commitment to provide training and employment opportunities for Iraqis 
San Donato Milanese (Mi), 22 January, 2010 – Eni, Occidental Petroleum Corporation (Oxy) and Korea Gas Corporation (KOGAS) announced today that they have signed a contract with Iraq's state-owned South Oil Company (SOC) and Missan Oil Company, to redevelop the Zubair field, near Basra in southern Iraq.
The consortium, led by Eni (32.81%) with partners Oxy (23.44%), KOGAS (18.75%) and the Missan Oil Company (25%), plans to increase production from the Zubair field to 1.2 million barrels of oil a day, representing an increase of more than 1 million barrels of oil per day. Target production is expected to be progressively reached within the next six years and maintained for seven years thereafter.
The consortium will earn $2 per barrel on the incremental oil production once production has been raised by 10 percent from its current level of approximately 200,000 barrels of oil per day and will recover its expenditures through a cost recovery mechanism. The consortium plans to invest approximately $20 billion over the life of the 20 year contract, which has possible extension to 25 years.
The redevelopment of the Zubair field, one of the largest discovered fields in the world, will materially contribute to support Iraq in becoming a major player in global oil markets. It will also foster the social and economic development at a regional and national level, not only by providing training and development opportunities for the many thousands of Iraqi workers of Zubair, but also by promoting much-needed economic stimulus.
The Zubair Field Operating Division will manage the rehabilitation and expansion project, which will be staffed mainly by employees from South Oil Company and expert support from the consortium, with the intent to progressively develop a self-sustained organization.
"The signing of the Zubair contract comes as a result of Eni's commitment to becoming a long-term partner for the development of Iraq's hydrocarbon industry. Our experience in similar environments, the financial and technological strength of our consortium and the deep knowledge of our partner SOC, undoubtedly constitute the building blocks of a successful venture," said Paolo Scaroni, Chief Executive Officer of Eni.


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