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Place de cotation: Italian Stock Exchange MIB 30

DeA Capital SpA is an Italy-based investment company. The Company is De Agostini Group’s vehicle for investments in private equity and alternative asset management. It carries out diversified financial investments: direct investments, in European unlisted companies operating in the services sector; indirect investments, in private equity funds of funds or in co-investment funds, and Alternative asset Management, through its 44.4% stake in IDeA Alternative Investments, a joint venture that controls investment management companies and First Atlantic Real Estate Holding, active in real estate sector. Its private equity investment portfolio includes strategic stakes in Generale de Sante and Sigla Luxemburg; indirect stakes in Migros Turk TSA, Blue Skye; minority stakes in Elixir Pharmaceuticals Inc, Kovio and MobileAccess Networks, and funds, including IDeA I Fund of Funds, IDeA Co-Investment Fund I and eight venture capital funds. It operates also through DeA Capital Investments Srl.


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