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Place de cotation: Italian Stock Exchange

CAD IT SpA is an Italy-based company providing standard and customized application software, maintenance and upgrading services, as well as consulting and training services. The Company supplies information technology (IT) solutions in the financial sector with its Finance Area software, adopted by 60% of Italian bank branches, for the management of functions connected to negotiation, the settlement and administration of security transactions, debentures and derivates (in various currencies). In addition, in synergy with its activities in the financial sector, it operates in the industrial sector, providing and developing e-business solutions for banks and industrial companies. CAD IT's units are based in Milan, Rome, Florence, Bologna, Mantua, Prato and Trento. in 2008, the Company had participations in such subsidiaries as CAD Srl, CeSBE Srl, Datafox Srl and Netbureau Srl, among others.

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