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The company (originally called S.A. Autostrada Torino–Milano) was incorporated on 28 November 1928, with the purpose of building a motorway between the cities of Turin and Milan. On 30 November 1929, a ministerial convention was stipulated authorizing its construction and operation. The motorway, completed after 30 months of work, was inaugurated on 25 October 1932.
The company was admitted for listing on the Turin Stock Exchange on 19 June 1969 and was subsequently listed on the Milan Exchange on 25 February 1970.
Through successive steps, the company has significantly extended its network over the years.
In February 2002, the split–up of ASTM S.p.A. resulted in the formation of SIAS — Società Iniziative Autostradali e Servizi S.p.A., also listed on the stock exchange, which controls a series of concession operators located primarily along the Tyrrhenian corridor.
On 1 January 2004, ASTM S.p.A. contributed to Società Autostrada Torino–Alessandria–Piacenza S.p.A. (99.50% subsidiary) a business unit having as its primary object the management of the assets, liabilities and legal relationships previously conducted directly by ASTM S.p.A. in the motorway concession sector, as well as the concession for the Turin–Milan motorway section.
As a result of that reorganization, ASTM S.p.A. currently acts as an industrial holding company in the motorway sector, operating some 500 kms of the Italian motorway network in the northwestern quadrant of the peninsula through its subsidiaries SATAP S.p.A., SAV S.p.A. and ATIVA S.p.A.; another 500 kms of motorway network are operated by sister company SIAS S.p.A.




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