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Autogrill is an Italian multinational organization and worldwide leader in food & beverage services and retailing of consumer products and travel merchandise on motorways, in airports and in railway stations.
In 2002, Autogrill reported turnover of 3,315.8 million euros. The company is controlled by Edizione Holding, the Benetton family¡¦s financial holding, which owns 57.09% of equity. Autogrill has approximately 40,000 employees and operates in 14 countries through more than 4,300 outlets in 900 locations.

Autogrill sees growth in 3rd quarter revenues and Ebitda
•Consolidated revenues: €1,667m, up 5.1% on 3rd quarter 2010  (up 2.1% at current exchange rates)
•Consolidated Ebitda: €233m, up 5.5% on 3rd quarter 2010 (up 2.4% at current exchange rates)
•Group Net profit: €86.6m against €93.4m in 3rd quarter 2010, which included €9.1m from the subsequently transferred Flight business
•Investments: €43.1m, up 13.7% on 3rd quarter 2010
•Net financial indebtedness: €1,441.3m at 30th September 2011, an improvement of €134.2m compared to €1,575.5m at 31st December 2010
 In the 9 months :
•Consolidated revenues: €4,322.8m, up 4.5% on the first 9 months 2010 (up 2.5% at current exchange rates)
•Consolidated Ebitda: €483.9m, up 4.5% on the first 9 months 2010 (up 2% at current exchange rates)
•Group Net profit: €125.7m against €116.8m of the first 9 months 2010 Milan , 10 November 2011
 Meeting today, the board of directors of Autogrill S.p.A. (Milan: AGL IM) examined and approved the consolidated results as of 30th September 2011.
The 3rd quarter saw continuing growth for the Group. The strong growth trend in Travel Retail that characterized the 1st half has continued: the sector closed the 3rd quarter with double-digit increases in revenues (11.4%) and Ebitda (14.4%) . Food & Beverage produced appreciable results in the quarter, with sales and Ebitda up 2.2% and 2.5%  respectively, thus halting the erosion of margins seen in the previous two quarters despite the persistent economic crisis facing the sector, with contractions in consumer spending and increases in food costs.

Autogrill: net profits reach €103.4m, against €37 in 2009

Flight business: deconsolidated following transfer executed on 31st December 2010 
Revenues: €5,703.5m, up 7.1% on €5,325m in 2009 (up 4.5% at constant rates) 
Ebitda: €605.4m, up 7.3% on €564.1m in 2009 (up 4.4% at constant rates) 
Ebitda margin: 10.6%, stable with respect to 2009 
Cash flow  : €272.5m, up 19.4% on €228.2m in 2009 
Investments: €224.9m, up 49.7% on €150.3m in 2009 (up 44.2% at constant rates) 
Net financial indebtedness: €1,575.5m at 31st December 2010, down €358.9m on €1,934.5m at 31st December 2009 
Dividend proposal: €0.24 per share, ex dividend date on May 23rd and payment date on May 26th

Outlook for 2011

• On the basis of two possible scenarios for traffic growth and economic trends, consolidated revenues  in 2011 are expected to be between €5,800m and €5,900m, with Ebitda between €610m and €640m

• Investments: €250m
In the first eight weeks of 2011, revenues were up 2.7% at constant rates  on the same period in 2010. 
Milan , 08 March 2011


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