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E. Pairis SA 

FTSE/Athex 20 FTSE 

E. Pairis S.A. is a Greece-based manufacturing company that is active in the production and trade of plastic products as well as in the logistics sector, where it stores merchandise on behalf of third parties. The Company’s product range includes plastic bottles with lids, which have a capacity ranging from 200 grams to five liters and are used in the detergents, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and food industries; plastic containers, which have a capacity ranging from 18 to 30 liters or larger containers of up to 120 liters, and are used in the detergents, mineral oils and food industries, and plastic litter bags, which are produced for both domestic and business use. Its products are categorized according to the raw material used for their production, which are: polyethylene, polyethylene terephthalate and polypropylene. The Company’s production unit has a total annual production capacity of 5,700 tons. The Company’s clients include companies such as Delta, Kraft, Cyclon, and Nestle.

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