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Ekter SA is a Greece-based company active in the construction sector and undertakes construction projects in both the private and public sectors. Its projects include the construction of office buildings, residences, commercial centers and sport facilities, restoration and reconstruction of existing old and historical buildings, construction of airport buildings, hospitals, bridges, highways, electromechanical, energy, environmental, industrial, refinery, hydraulic and marine works, and the aesthetic and functional reformation and pedestrianization of roads, as well as other similar works. The Company is also active in the real estate sector. It purchases real estate in order to resell them and purchase in exchange plots of land or structures. Then, it builds upon them all kinds of buildings such as apartments, offices and stores, and it resells them or exploits them by leasing them out. The Company has operation on Mykonos and Paros islands, and in Athens, where it holds land areas.
15, Nikis Str.
Athens, 105 57
+30-210-3259700 (Phone)
+30-210-3259710 (Fax)


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