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Alpha Astika Akinita S.A. 

Alpha Astika Akinita S.A., a member of the Alpha Bank Group, is a Greece-based company active in the real estate sector. It manages real estate, provides technical advice and other consulting services to third party owners, such as corporations, private individuals, organizations and insurance funds. The Company's services are structured in six segments: Financial - Technical Studies, which includes real estate assessments, studies on exploiting real estate, market research and project management and supervision; Rents - Leases, including the evaluation of offers, rent-lease negotiations and rent collection; Purchases - Sales, including suitable real estate location, negotiations and action coordination in completing a purchase or sale; Supervision - Management, including rent collection, ensuring compliance of building regulations and contractual obligations; Electronic filing services, which provides a digital database for clients, and Consulting services.
43 Panepistimiou St
Athens, 105 64
+30-210-3266161 (Phone)
+30-210-3266118 (Fax)


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