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Wiener Staedtische Versicherung AG is an Austrian insurance Group primarily active in Central and Eastern Europe. The Group comprises over 50 insurance companies engaged in the property/casualty and life insurance business, as well as health insurance business in some countries, in 23 countries. Its business segments are divided into seven regional segments: Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Other CEE markets and Other markets (Germany, Liechtenstein). As of December 31, 2009, the Company had a number of wholly owned subsidiaries in Austria, the Czech Republic, Poland, Hungary and Serbia, among others, as well as majority owned subsidiaries and affiliates throughout whole Europe, and also one Russian affiliate Geschlossene Aktiengesellschaft Strachowaja kompanija MSK-Life.
Schottenring 30
Vienna, 1010
+43-50-35021034 (Phone)
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