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Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki Ltd is a private limited liability company (license number: HE228429), in accordance with the Companies Act Law, Chapter 113. Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki Ltd is a subsidiary of A.L Prochoice Group Public Ltd which is a public company listed on the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) since 2001. It is also a member of the Cyprus Stock Exchange (CSE) and a distant member of the Athens Stock Exchange (ASE). Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki Ltd holds a license (CIF's License Number: 100/09) from the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission, to provide investment services and is in full compliance with the Law 144/2007 for the provision of investment services, investment activities, operating regulated markets and other related issues, which incorporates the Directive 2004/39/EC (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive - MiFID) in the Cyprus Law. Consequently the company has developed and adheres to a policy of best execution, and a policy to prevent and manage conflicts of interest. Also our company is a member of the Investor Compensation Fund for CIFs' clients, based on the establishment and operation of the Investor Compensation Fund for CIF's clients Regulations of 2004, whose provisions are binding on all CIFs. Prochoice Chrimatistiriaki Ltd uses as languages of communication both Greek and English. Customer can contact us through the following modes of communication, or in person at our offices.

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