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Itera Consulting Group ASA is a Norwegian Company engaged in the provision of information technology (IT) solution and consultancy services. Its business activities include financial advisory services, customer relationship management (CRM), self-service human resources management, business intelligence solutions, knowledge management and custom solutions, as well as outsourcing services and application and infrastructure management. The Company's clients include a number of entities operating in such industries as banking and insurance, telecommunications, media and high-technology and healthcare, among others. It owns such subsidiaries as Gazette AS, Objectware AS, Net Works AS, Net Management AS, Cicero Consulting AS, Xit Consulting AS, Compendia AS, Promis AS, Itera Sweden AB, Itera Networks AB, Itera Consulting Group Sweden AB, Objectware AB and Itera Consulting Group Denmark ApS. Through its subsidiaries, the Company also has operations established in Sweden and Denmark.


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