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Hampidjan hf is an Iceland-based company active within the fishing industry. It is mainly engaged in the manufacture of fishing gear for deep-sea fisheries. Its products are tailored made for specific tasks for the industry, as well as for commercial, leisure, military and rescue activities, including sailing and towage. The products are divided into such categories as Gloria Midwater Trawls, Poly-Ice Trawl Doors, Chains and Locks, Bottom Trawls, Ropes and Netting, as well as Wires. The Company also manufactures different types of sport netting, ropes, straps and hardware. Hampidjan is operational through a number of facilities in such countries as Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Denmark and Lithuania. In addition, it has affiliates in New Zealand, Namibia, Canada and the United States.
Flatahraun 3
Hafnarfjordur, 220
+354-530-3300 (Phone)
+354-530-3309 (Fax)

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