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BDI-BioDiesel International AG (BDI) is an Austria-based supplier of solutions for the industrial utilization of renewable resources, particularly biodiesel. The Company specializes in providing basic and detailed engineering services, constructing, commissioning and providing after-sales services for plants utilizing renewable raw materials. The core business areas are technologies for the production of biodiesel biodegradable fuel derived from different types of feedstock, such as animal fats, oil plants and used cooking oils. BDI also offers research and development and project development, as well as management of financing and funding services. The Company carries out research on the development of processes for the exploitation of new raw materials at its own laboratories. BDI has three subsidiaries: Lignosol Technologie GmbH & Co KG, UIC GmbH and Lignosol Technologie GmbH ,as well as a number of associated companies, located in Germany and Canada.

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