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Austria Email AG is an Austrian company engaged in the manufacture of water heaters and enameling technology. The Company's principal product range includes small, unpressurized and pressure-proof boilers; upright stand boilers, including the Vario-Lux and the Vacutherm-Super models; kitchen and multipurpose boilers and heaters; long-distance heating boilers, and suspended boilers, including flat, compact, lying and register varieties. The Company also offers a range of solar-powered products, including solar panels, digital controllers for solar energy, pump assemblies and six varieties of solar-powered boiler. Austria Email AG has its production facility in Knittelfeld, Austria. The Company is majority owned by Cross Industries AG. It operates in Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and France, among others.
Austriastrasse 6
Knittelfeld, 8720
+43-3512-7000 (Phone)
+43-3512-700239 (Fax)

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