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Algeta ASA is a Norway-based therapeutics company specializing in nuclear medicine and oncology. The Company’s activities include the development of products and radiopharmaceuticals, based on alpha particle emitters to destroy cancer cells, for the treatment of bone metastases and disseminated tumor types. The Company’s main product candidate, Alpharadin is used for targeting bone metastases resulting from such major cancers as hormone-refractory prostate, breast, lung, kidney and thyroid. Additionally, the Company is recruiting patients for Apharadin’s phase III study, which began in 2008. The Company is also involved in the research and development of the TH-1 preclinical program, where the alpha-emitting radionuclide thorium-227 is linked to cancer-seeking antibodies. As of December 31, 2008, the Company had two wholly owned subsidiaries. The Company collaborates with researchers at The Norwegian Radium Hospital in Oslo, Norway.
Kjelsasveien 172 A NO-0411 P.O. Box 54 Kjelsas
Oslo, 0411
+47-23-007990 (Phone)
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