The Group's principal activity is that of an industrial ownership company. The Group operates in six segments: Aker American Shipping, Aker Philadelphia Shipyard, Aker Floating Production, Aker Seafoods, Aker BioMarine and Other Investments. Aker American Shipping consists of Product- and shuttle tanker vessel chartering. Aker Philadelphia Shipyard consists of vessel design and construction. Aker Floating Production owns, operates, and charters vessels for oil and gas production and storage. Aker Seafoods consists of harvesting, processing, and sale of seafood products. Aker BioMarine consists of harvesting, processing and distribution of marine resources for food, animal feed, dietary supplements and related products. Other businesses include activities that do not qualify as separate segments due to the size of their operations. The Group mainly operates in Europe, North America and Asia. The Group acquired Pesquera Ancora and Viviers de France in 2007.

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