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Aqualis ASA is a Norwegian public company focusing on building a profitable and successful business based on its key competences within the marine and offshore and healthcare sectors.
The shares of Aqualis have been listed on Oslo BÝrs since 2006 (OSE: AQUA).
Aqualis ASA, called Clavis Pharma ASA prior to October 2013, was founded in 2001 when it acquired all the rights to new medicinal products based on the so-called Lipid Vector Technology (LVT) from Norsk Hydro. Aqualis developed several drug candidates based on LVT, and succeeded in bringing two oncology products all the way through final clinical testing (elacytarabine, in patients with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia, and CP-4126, in patients with pancreatic cancer). Unfortunately, none of the products proved more efficacious than existing therapy in the disease areas tested, and registration and commercialisation of these products was not initiated. The company still has a large portfolio of patents and patent application for a number of drug compounds, as well as license agreements. In November 2013, the company changed its strategic direction to also include a new major business area of specialised offshore marine and engineering consultancy services to the oil and gas industry, through the acquisition of Aqualis Offshore Ltd.

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