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A.G. Petzetakis S.A. is a Greece-based plastic pipe, hose systems and fittings manufacturer. Its products are implemented in the housing, agriculture, industry, infrastructure and telecommunications sectors. In the housing field its plastic pipes and hose systems cover water supply, drainage, solar energy, cable protection and heating needs; in the agricultural sector its products serve the fields of drilling, water delivery, irrigation, sprinkling and spray irrigation; its industrial products are utilized in the food and wine sectors, for the transportation and distribution of oil and the ducting of fumes, as well as in water distribution networks; in the telecommunications sector it offers cable and fiber optic protection conduits, while in the infrastructure field its pipe networks apply to the water and natural gas supply, underground sewage systems and submerged conduits. The Company operates 15 subsidiaries in Europe, North and South Africa, North America and the Middle East.

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