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Place: Copenhagen Stock Exchange

As a trustworthy and reliable company, ASGAARD Group A/S attaches importance to the following in our investor relations policy: ASGAARD Group A/S strives to communicate clearly and unambiguously and to ensure that all types of investors and other stakeholders have the possibility of gaining insight into the matters communicated. 
ASGAARD Group A/S will publish all important information as soon as possible and, to the extent possible, in the entire EU/EEA on a non-discriminating basis. 
Publication will be in Danish, with HUGIN as the distributor. 
Simultaneously with the publication, all information will be available at our website, and all announcements will be sent to all the persons listed in our news database. 
ASGAARD Group A/S aims to hold meetings with all the various groups of investors. To comply with best practice in investor relations matters, ASGAARD Group A/S will not at such meetings disclose information that has not previously been published. 
ASGAARD Group A/S will seek to observe a four-week silent period before the release of annual reports and interim reports. 



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