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Alm. Brand A/S is a Denmark-based financial services group. The Company is comprised of a listed holding company and a number of subsidiaries, operating within the non-life insurance, banking, as well as life and pension insurance sectors primarily in Denmark. It also offers investment services. The Company’s main subsidiaries include: Alm. Brand Forsikring A/S, which offers a range of non-life insurance services, and targets the private, commercial and agricultural segments; Alm. Brand Bank A/S, whose offerings include loans, deposits, consultancy, financing, as well as investment services for the private, agricultural and medium-sized enterprises segments, and Forsikringsselskabet Alm. Brand Liv og Pension A/S, which focuses on life insurance, pension savings, pension insurance, as well as health and personal accident insurance. Alm. Brand A/S also offers reinsurance services.




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