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Accell Group is an international group of companies, active in design, production, marketing and sales of bicycles. With national and international brands, Accell Group occupies a strong position in the middle and higher segments of the market. The bicycles developed and produced by Accell Group are mainly sold through the bicycle retail specialists channel. 
Accell Group has production locations in the Netherlands, Germany and France. Sales of bicycles of the brands Batavus, Be One, Cool!/Loekie, Hercules, Koga-Miyata, Lapierre, Mercier and Sparta take place in the Netherlands (53%), Germany (25%), France (15%), and other countries including Belgium, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Austria.
In the geographically differentiated bicycle market, Accell Group is active with traditionally strong national brands and products. In addition to this, Accell Group is internationally active with new brands (Be One mountain bikes) as well as new products (electric bicycles and folding bicycles).
With sales pro-forma (including Winroa Group) of 248 million Euro (150.3 million Euro in 2000), Accell Group is Europe's second-largest producer of bicycles

Monday 19 May 2014
Accell Group today announces the conversion ratio of its stock dividend for the financial year 2013. With reference to the announcement dated 28 April 2014, as published on and reported on, in which the shareholders were given the choice to receive a dividend for the financial year 2013 either in cash or shares charged to the share premium reserve, the number of dividend rights that entitles to 1 new ordinary Accell Group share with a nominal value of € 0.01 has been set at 24.75.

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