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Assima has started life as a UK based company in year 2002, as a pure software player in the Training - eLearning industry.
During 2004, after two years of exceptional growth which has seen the company double its size and revenue each year, Assima seeks VC funds to help expand geographically and prepare the acquisition of two training consulting companies (DACG Ltd operating in UK and Germany, and SystemLink Inc, operating in the USA), which were realized first semester of 2005 thanks to a backing by Innovacom. 
In 2005, Assima creates Assima France (operating in France) and is later recognized by the Daily Telegraph as the fastest growing company in the UK, with a revenue growth double that of the second ranked company. 
In 2006, Assima acquires Wizart SA (operating in France, Switzerland, and Canada) and covers directly most European and North American markets with a unique mix of technology and consulting expertise.
Assima has always been profitable, year after year, even on its first year of operation and plans to be listed on a European market this year. 



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